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If you’re about sparking transformation in people and on issues, you’re in the right place. LeAnn Locher & Associates is all about changing the world–for the good.

We connect emotions with values through clear statements and visuals that make a heart sing. Together we can bring meaning, intention and action together to change the way people feel about your organization, social issues and the world around them. At LeAnn Locher & Associates we know that creative solutions won’t do the job if they aren’t grounded in a clear understanding of your strategic goals. Moreover, we’re artistic souls who understand that carefully penned words are art–and so, unlike many creative agencies, we do arts and letters. This is our craft and we’d like to share it with you.

We are storytellers at heart because we believe it’s a powerful catalyst for social and personal change. A story can be told through a photograph, movie, written and spoken words, graphic design, partnerships and more. We engage and connect with people through stories. We see the world through stories. Working in partnership with you we will identify and harness the power of the stories that will move your audiences to answer your call to action.