LeAnn Locher often says “I love a good challenge.” And it’s true.

Complex messaging, group dynamics, political currents and donor trends are often LeAnn’s cocktail conversation, when not talking about the latest mountain she climbed or dragonboat race she’s paddled. Maneuvering client issues and challenges, identifying the big picture, and setting words and visuals into action to motivate audiences to give, support, stand behind, and love our institutions is what her 20-year career in public relations, creative direction and hands-on graphic design has been built upon.

About LeAnn Locher & Associates

Great design is about designing materials with a goal in mind. And for the non profit and public sector clients of LeAnn Locher & Associates, that often means goals of giving money, time, lending their name, or growing a whole movement of change. We believe great design and design process can engage audiences, both internally and externally, to build and create momentum. Since 2006, we’ve been working directly with changemakers in the non profit and public sector realm to support and communicate their good work through creative strategies both print and digital, but always based in the fundamental realm of storytelling. Some call this messaging, branding, communication strategy: we do too, but good function deserves good form, and we believe it all comes under great design, perhaps with a capital D.
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, our clients are nationally and regionally based. Led by LeAnn Locher, we pull together teams specific for client projects, including production designers, web producers, user interface strategists, illustrators, translators and writers. We are often pulled into other teams, as well, working with PR and advertising agencies. This sizing up and sizing down allows us to keep overhead low, staff specifically for the project needs, allow life and work balance, and grow skillsets based on client demand.